Channing Priehs - General Manager 

Melanie Tack - Assistant Manager 

Hailey Larson - Pastry Chef 

Steph Banks - Chef de Cuisine 

Matt Lampi - Sous Chef 

Jacob Loos - Tournant 

Verity Graham - Lead Server 

Pete Mera - Mixologist/Sommelier/Barkeep 

Denise Henry - Mixologist/Sommelier/Barkeep 

Joan Hurd - Owner, Resident Soup Expert

Mark Christensen - Owner, Jack of Trades 

Emily Hurd Christensen - Owner, Executive Chef


Our building at 1402 N. Main Street has been a part of the Rockford landscape since 1930. It has housed everything from grocery stores to cigarette bodegas, doctors' offices to optical centers. 

When we bought the building in 2015, the roof was collapsing, the windows were shattered, and the floors upstairs were covered in asbestos tiles and tar. The downstairs needed all new mechanicals and an aesthetic facelift.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched. In 2 months, the community raised more than $100,000. The building was slowly brought back to life. Asbestos was removed. A new roof was added. Windows, doors, and electrical systems were replaced. And the original hardwood floors were unearthed and refinished.  The upstairs became artist lofts, and the main floor became The Norwegian.

We wouldn’t be in business today without our community. To you, the wonderfully supportive people of Rockford, we say: 


Please stop in soon for some food and hygge.  The home fires are burning, and everybody has a place at our table.

Emily Hurd Christensen & Mark Christensen